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Behind the scenes of Kemberly and Jorge

People always ask us what it takes to do an event and what really goes into the behind the scenes. So we decided on the last event to document our journey. 

Starting out we have to load up the van (saving room for those that dare to go with us) and strap it all in nice and tight. Then it's 7 and a half long hours on the road until we pull in to Roswell, New Mexico. 

Once we arrive, it is then that we access the building and start the unpacking process. 

From there it's all hands on deck putting on chair covers, measuring out ceiling and wall material, and planning where tables will be placed. 

Backdrops are also a very important part of the event and also a process to bring together. You need certain curtains at the right length, accent pieces, and zip ties, zip ties, tip ties. 

Once the big things are done then we get to the fun part, table cloths and decorations. 

Keeping in mind the full picture you have in mind never comes together until those last few things are out in place. 

Let's not forget what everyone is really looking for, the cake!  Last minute details always have to be done on site when traveling that far. Especially when it's hotter than expected. 

Now we are ready to get the party started! Once set up and decor are complete we now wait for the couple of the hour to arrive and be surprised by all of our hard work! 

Once the guests arrive and food is served the staff waits to cut the cake before our night is over. At this point our day has been 16 hours long and we are hungry haha. It's off to Denny's for a good meal and then the hotel for some much needed rest before clean up the next morning. 

It's 10 am Sunday morning and looks like everyone had a good time last night. Time to buckle in and strip chairs and tables. Oh, and all those centerpieces are coming apart after just putting them together. 

The tables are rolled into their carts, chairs are folded away, and it's time to reload. Goodbye Eastern New Mexico Firgrounds! 

Side note, in order to get everything back to Liberal we had to do not 1, not 2, but 24 loads of laundry. 

Thanks Roswell, it was fun. See ya next time! 👽

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